Mock Job Interview

ob interviews are really hard. Between having to take time off work with little notice, having to prep, and then opening yourself up to be judged by a stranger. The experience causes me a lot of anxiety. Being good at an interview is a skill. The key to mastering any skill is practice, so I asked my fellow vBrownBag crewmates to help me with a mock interview. Rebecca Fitzhugh agreed to help out and we recorded it for the vBrownBag podcast

I am historically bad at interviews and frankly, this may not have been among my best showings. At first it felt silly but there was a point when my brain forgot it was a mock interview and I started flailing around. Once the self doubt set in I had some problems regaining my composure. Rebecca was asking reasonable questions and was definitely taking it easier on me than she could have. I was my own worst enemy in the situation. That wasn’t isolated into this experience, either.

The feedback Rebecca provided was invaluable. A few days after recording I had an interview and nailed it. I nailed the next three as well and am starting a new job at Rackspace in August. Without Rebecca’s help I don’t know that I could have been so confident. Nothing could be as bad as this was, right?

Rebecca offered some great advice in her post about the mock interview. Read that at her site

Practice makes perfect. If you’re looking for a job and don’t have a lot of success with interviews, ask someone to help. I know I’m willing to help out and there are many other people who would love to give you advice or mock with you.

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