VMworld 2016 In Review

My first VMworld is coming to an end and has been an amazing experience. I have learned a lot about VMware’s pipeline, dug deep with vendors to learn more about products we are evaluating, and sat in some breakout session with tips that will help me improve our environment today. Cross cloud services is the most interesting and important development as far as I am concerned. They are using NSX and their other SDDC services to provide a single dashboard with visualization and control of your AWS, Azure, and Google cloud resources.

Mission Accomplished: Openstack in a Month

In July I posted about my insane goal of giving a talk at VMworld on a technology I knew nothing about. I chose Openstack, which at that time was nothing more than a buzzword to me. I remember reading tweets saying VMware Administrators needed to pay attention to Openstack but couldn’t tell you what it was. VMworld has arrived and on Monday, August 29th, 2016 I presented my talk. I am not afraid of public speaking but got some jitters as the crew started counting me down.

VMworld 2016 Day 0

I arrived at VMworld on Sunday August 28th in the mid morning. I was exhausted after a long and early flight but activities were already underway so I jumped right in. Registration was quick and I got a sweet backpack out of it. Day 0 is a great time to meet up with new pals and get the lay of the land. I did a couple laps of both floors and basically know where I’m going.