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VMworld Day 0

I arrived at VMworld on Sunday August 28th in the mid morning. I was exhausted after a long and early flight but activities were already underway so I jumped right in. Registration was quick and I got a sweet backpack out of it.

Day 0 is a great time to meet up with new pals and get the lay of the land. I did a couple laps of both floors and basically know where I'm going.  I ran into my VMware SE Nate Bryant (@vnate) and snagged a VIP Tour of the hands on lab area with the director of the labs. It's amazing to see how they manage to seamlessly run thousands of VMs at a time. They broke the one day record for total labs run and had a huge line at 4:45 pm.

The primary planned event of the evening was the opening of the Solutions Exchange at 5pm. I was in line at the front with my dear friend Manny Sidhu (@MannySidhu2) and walked the floor. I was lucky enough to meet with Rubrik, Citrix, and AWS to talk about some of the ways they can help make our strategy into a reality. 

Mission accomplished: Openstack in a Month

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