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Throwing my hat in for #vDM30in30

After a lot of going back and fourth, gnashing my teeth, etc I decided to participate in the #vDM30in30 challenge. I suppose that starting a VCDX design and working to improve my presentation skills wasn't enough. Add on work responsibilities and family time and I have a challenge ahead of me.

I refuse to let doubt or fear stop me so here I go. In the next month I hope to talk about the following topics (and more!)

  • Checking in with the VCDX
  • My career story and future planning
  • How career plans can go awry!
  • The challenges in growing local technical community
  • Experiences and thoughts from a Mock Interview with Keith Townsend (@ctoadvisor)
  • Why I try to do things that scare me
  • Merging SSO domains in vSphere 5.5
  • Upgrading to vSphere 6.0

I'm sure that I'll have plenty of other topics but hopefully I can cover those. 30 days of content will stretch me to my limit, hopefully you find some of this content helpful going forward!


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